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It’s the end of NaNo. November is at a close, the writing madness is – theoretically – over, and the world will return to normal in the lives of all that participated in this year’s NaNo. Though, December, for a lot of people, tends to be the month of edits and re-writes while we go through our novels to make them the best that they can be.

For me, once this draft is done, it will be printed and given to my trusted editor so it can be combed through and then potentially in January I will start the edits for it. I have more projects to continue while it’s being edited, and one novel that still needs me to go through and work on the edits for.

Writing isn’t just a November thing for me, it’s a 365 day a year thing. November just really helps me to put the pen to paper – or in my case fingers to keyboard – a little harder than during the rest of the year.

How did your NaNo go this year? Did you get where you wanted to go? Did you finish in a blaze of fireworks and awesome word counts? Did you fall just a little short and are more determined than ever to win next year? Let me know in the comments.

Words Written Today: 1,725

Total for novel:  36,040 (Total for NaNo with all word counts: 50,830)

First Sentence: 

Brow furrowing, Kael blinked at his daughter.

Last Sentence:

Her dad is super pissed.