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So, with NaNo in full swing, I find myself asking a couple questions. First and foremost, will I get my word count by the end of the month? If you’ve been following my check in updates, you’ll know that I’m not exactly anywhere close to my word count needs, being that I just topped 18k last night and should be closer to 26k by the end of today. Every day I don’t get at least double my word count, I fall farther and father behind and I hate that. But I’m trying not to let the stress of it all get me down.

I’m trying to focus more on the story and just getting the writing done than the word count itself, because if I focus on just how far behind I am, I won’t be able to write because the stress will lock down my brain. And that just helps no one.

So I write, and I toil away to just get down what I can and focus on my story.

But this morning, while working on my other blog, I had to ask myself, is it only my novel that I should be counting? I run a Sims 4 Legacy blog that is, in and of itself, like an on going novel that I write Monday mornings to be released throughout the week. Should I be counting the fiction in these posts as well?

If I counted them – just so far of what’s written, it’d jump me to be closer to 22k. That’s right, another 4k words just from my Sims 4 blog. Or maybe I should just add this amount to my final total on the 30th, and surprise myself with how much it’s contributing.

I mean, to be fair, they are a fiction story that I’m writing during November. Just because it’s a different story, should I exclude it from my NaNo?

What do you think, dear readers? Should I surprise myself by tallying my Sims 4 story at the end of the month and adding it to my novel count? Should I not count it at all, even though it is fiction being written now in the heat of NaNo?