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pink pen So. This week has been just one stress after another in my life. It all started with a car accident Monday morning on the way into work, and has just kind of snowballed from there. Tuesday was just a myriad of small things that creeped up on me, but I was able to walk away with a decent word count. Wednesday, not so much. The day started slow, which had been nice, and snowballed into problem after problem that left me too stressed to write while I was at work. And then when I got home, planning to write, and because of the storm we had in my area, I lost power and wasn’t able to write. Because my whole story is on GDoc, which I need internet in order to access. So over all, it wasn’t a great night, and so far it just hasn’t been a great week. I’m hoping that it’ll be better today and tomorrow, but there’s also just me grasping at the weekend.

Words Written Today: 555

Total: 14,655

First Sentence: 

Kind of like what you’re doing with Samantha, Kat.

Last Sentence: 

The way you two looked at each other, I just knew it would lead to great places.