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I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d really hoped yesterday (day 9). My original plan had been to make it to the 15,000 mark and cheer and be happy, but that just didn’t work out for me. The morning started out with me in a car accident – I’m totally fine, the damage was all to the rear of the car and the car is drivable still – but it threw my entire day off. The shock of everything didn’t really die down until lunch, and by the time I made it home from work I was exhausted and ended up crashing about three hours earlier than my normal bed time.

So Day 10 is slotted for my catch up day. I’m hoping to get to 15,000, if not the full 16,666.

Wish me luck!

Words Written Today: 687

Total: 12,412

First Sentence: 

Samantha set the notebook down on the table, before she settled on the bench.

Last Sentence:

Because we also have Tonya with all the clothes that were pulled off hangers and put in a laundry pile behind her table.