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Author: J.D. Shaw 
Publisher: Independently Published via Kindle Direct & CreateSpace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Rating:  3.5 Stars

Vivienne Finch has her dreams set on opening ‘Sweet Dreams Bakery’ in her little seaside town. But when the mayor’s wife ends up dead in her dumpster on opening day, the tiny town is pushed onto its side, and Vivienne is dragged right along with it.

Right up front I will say I liked the book. The plot was interesting, and the twists did keep coming with the who-dun-it part of this book. The town was well described too. The author was good to detail how the little main street looked, especially since the mayor’s wife had been planning to give main street a face lift to better attract more tourists, and the characters were fairly engaging to read and follow. I definitely look forward to book two come the winter season.

However, there’s a reason why it doesn’t have a higher rating. For all the good, there were some issues that I had with the book too. Between the synopsis posted and the title, you knew that it would have something to do with witches in the story. I just didn’t realize that it would be so far into the story. I feel like, as a whole the title was kind of a let down, because Vivienne doesn’t find out she’s a witch until a good part of the book, and really? There is no coven. It’s a vague, hand wavy reference through her grandmother and then at the very end of the book.

As well, I think that things were taken far too well, far too sugary sweet toothed. Things that any normal person would freak out about finding out, especially when it comes to try and kill you, Vivienne just absorbed and kept on walking like it was a normal day in her tiny Cove town. In that respect, the character fell a little flat and two-dimensional to me, because it’s not JUST the witch part that she takes with just a bat of her eyes, but secrets about other supernaturals as well. I wish she would have freaked out, thrown a fit, something to show that this was completely out of her norm and out of the reality she’d lived in for all of her life.

Will I read book two? Probably. Would I suggest this book to people to read? If you don’t mind a little light reading with a few issues, sure. At $2.99 it’s not too heafty of a price to enjoy the story and plot.