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I really, really can’t believe that it’s been so long since I’ve been on here. And believe me, it’s been just about as long since I really touched my WIP. Well, not counting two days ago. I ended up getting sick with Strep. And then taking a little bit to actually get into the doctor for them to diagnosis it, and that lead to them not believing it was strep because the quick culture came back negative and my throat while looking irritated looked fine. Four days later, my long culture is positive. (Which is what I said would happen the moment I stepped into the doctor’s office.)

I’ve gotten semi back into writing. Slowly. It doesn’t help that in two days I’ll be headed to the middle of no where for a week long festival that I run. Doesn’t add up to a lot of down time to write, but I am hoping to put the old pen to paper and see if I can’t get a little bit written while I’m there. And my phone has a talk to text feature that I can probably utilize to get it transcribed a little faster once I’m back.

Wish me luck on trying to catch up on my word count, because I’m so far behind I’m gonna cry if I think about it.