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Author: Lizzy Ford Dark Summer
Publisher: Guerrilla Wordfare
Genre: YA – Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Stars

In a world where magick is kept quiet and most people don’t know it exists, growing up with it flowing in your body can be hard. This is especially true for ward of the state, Summer. Orphaned at a young age, she never had anyone to show her the ways of her lineage and help her with her magick. That hasn’t stopped her magick from lashing out though, causing school after school to expel her. Now though, she’s sent to Priest Lake. A boarding school where the wind and trees sing to her, and where magick isn’t a curse but a gift meant to be fostered. But will her fate be any different at this new school where she’ll make enemies as well as friends?

The world that Lizzy created in this book is definitely an imaginative and creative one. Summer is a girl that has been down on her luck since her parents died and an orphanage took her in. Her story is a sad one, and yet she hasn’t given up the ability to hope that maybe this time it’ll be better. Maybe this new school where she isn’t an outcast because of her magick might be the one she can stay at.

Over the course of the book she faces both troubles and happiness, as well as some heartbreak. Nothing is ever simple in the life of a teenager, but throw in magick and the balance of light and dark that could cost one your soul and you have a very addictive read.