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Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs is an anthology of five stories that revolve around the Holidays and BDSM published by Storm Moon Press and can be found here. Over all this was a great anthology. So long as you like a little BDSM with your Holiday cheer, and believe me it’s hotter than you might think at first, you’ll find something in this book for you.

In the first story, Holidays In Hell by Erzabet Bishop, the story revolves around an Incubus named Jonas and how his sights settle on a human woman named Holly. The characters, both main and secondary, are interesting and I enjoyed the time I spent with them. However, there were several places that I wish it would have slowed down in pace. I know that it’s a short story, which only gives you so much time to really work out everything between plot and characters, but there were certain places where it seemed extremely rushed. Especially in how short it takes for Holly to learn and come to terms with what Jonas is. The other area that got me was the store that Holly works at. I’ve never seen a store that sells everything you could need to decorate your home for Christmas – including twelve foot, artificial Christmas trees, and also sells books; and not just general genre books, but erotica books. Over all, even past the issues I had, it was a decent read.

The second story, Gift of the Familiar by Alex Whitehall, shares the story of William and his familiar Ellis as they share in Ellis’s first First Day celebration. One of the biggest things I loved about this story was how the mythos was weaved into it, both by traditions that were being shared but also by William recanting the story of how the world came to be to Ellis because Ellis had never been told. I enjoyed being able to share the wonder of the Holiday with Ellis. And of course, the very hot scene between them and the rope after everyone left.

Pushing the Line by Verity Blackthorn, the third story, follows Ebet as she brings her girlfriend, Meg, home to the family cabin in the mountains for New Years. Not just her girlfriend either, Meg is her Dom as well. It’s not exactly the easy home coming for Ebet either, worried what her family will do or say with Meg there because they don’t exactly approve of her being with girls and think it’s just a phase. The story is very well written, letting the reader share in Ebet’s worry and nerves as the first day unfolds. And Meg gets creative in both fun and distractions for Ebet to try and calm her some while dealing well with Ebet’s family. The creative play between Meg and Ebet is extremely hot, but I think what made me like this story the most was the ending and the final words of Ebet’s grandmother.

In Gift of Self by Kathleen Tudor is about Athena and her slave-boy Jeffrey. Trans stories aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but I do have to say that this story was amazingly written. The author does a wonderful job making sure the reader joins Jeffrey as his emotions go up and down with the discovery of the fact that he is more a she in a male body. The emotions are portrayed strongly, as is the love between the two characters. And while this isn’t my kind of story I really did like it a lot.

And finally the last story, The Sub’s Gift by S.L. Armstrong and Erik Moore, tells the tale of a submissive named Kyle and how his Master Ryan and Mistress Amber give him a sister slave for Christmas. The play from surprise and hesitance because of Kyle’s past, to his decision in how to deal with this new development in his home is well written and flows incredibly well. As the reader, you flow with Kyle, feeling the range of emotions that this present puts him through and I think it’s a wonderful ride that I was glad to share in.

Like I said in the beginning, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in here if you like your Holidays hot and steamy. And all of the stories do that extremely well too, very hot, very steamy, and occasionally very much wishing you could join in. Very much a suggested read from this reviewer.