Review Policy

Are you an author or publisher who would like their book reviewed? Please read below for more!

I am currently OPEN for review requests, should you be interested in me reviewing your book.

Please be aware, by requesting a review you understand that all my opinions are 100% my own. I will never mean to be harmful to the book, author, or publisher, and, if I don’t like the book odds are I won’t post a review of it so as to not damage the book’s reputation. I also reserve the right to refuse a review request should I not be interested in the book’s plot or genre.

Who can request a review? 

The author or publisher can contact me. I’m open to requests from either. Just be aware, if you are requesting a review you should be ready to send me a copy of the book. I am willing to read Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and published books. I might accept e-books, depending on the situation – I am aware some authors self publish and don’t do physical book copies.

Will you accept self-published author work?

Yes! I am more than happy and excited to read and review indie authors or small press published work as much as I am to read and review bigger authors. Just be aware, while I do accept self-published author work, and if you don’t publish it for sale in physical copies will accept an e-book format, it should be edited as if it were being traditionally published.

What genre’s will you accept? 

Fantasy – High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Fairytale Retellings
Science Fiction (SciFi)
Erotica – but there should be a plot to the story past the sex

In YA or Adult.
I’m not bothered by graphic scenes, both erotic or blood and gore, but it should be plot based.

What if my book’s genre doesn’t fit the list above?

Odds are, I won’t be interested in it. However, if you think you might be the one based on something I’ve said or read on my blog, by all means shoot me an email. I’m always willing to read over a request. Just know there’s a higher chance of me denying the request.

How will you structure your review? 

I have several reviews already up on my blog here.
I’ll have a picture of the cover of the book, either pulled from amazon or taken myself to accompany the review and list the Author, Publisher (if self published I’ll list the author as the publisher), Genre, Rating. I’ll then give a small synopsis of the book, and dive right into my review.

What if my request is for a serial or novella?

That’s fine. If it’s for a serial, I’d rather have the whole serial if it’s already out to review, verses reviewing the fist part of the story. It gives a better feel for the review as a whole and I can tell you from experience reading serials that I’m not a huge of ending before the introduced climax has been resolved.

I’m also very open to novellas.

You accepted a review request, but I haven’t seen you review it yet? Where is the review?

Reviews are done as I read the books that I have, and my interest at the time does play a part in when I get to some books. Some days I’m more inclined to read a story about a werewolf, other times I’m more interested in reading a cozy mystery. While I may have accepted a review request, unless deadline details were discussed and agreed upon in an email – because a book is being released soon so the more reviews the better for instance – I do not have a deadline for when I will post those reviews. For the most part, I will try to get to them in the order the book was received but I make no promises.

Also, if I didn’t like the book, and think that posting a review of it would be damaging to the book’s chances to sell or the author or publisher, I won’t be posting a review.
While it tends to be rare if I accept a review request, it is possible I will not like your book. And as my mother always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


How do I send you a review request? 

Via email. Please include in the Subject Line that it is a Review Request, and include the title of the book, and a small summary of it in the body of the email. As well, please make it clear if you are the author or the publisher representing the author.

If I accept, I’ll email you back in order to obtain a copy of your book from you.

You can send email inquires to:

I’m not an author or publisher, but I think you’d like a book. Can I send it to you?

While sending me unsolicited books doesn’t guarantee a review of them in any way, I am always more than happy to have more books both in my collection and ‘To Read’ pile. If you really want to send me a book you think I’d like or any letters or things, please feel free to mail them to:

Meri Benson
PO Box 384
Berwyn, IL 60402